The Texas Tan - Air Brush

Air Brush Tanning

Airbrush tanning is a process that uses an air compressor and airbrush delivery system to gently and evenly apply tanning solution to the skin.

The tanning solution is streak-free, applies easily and evenly, absorbs quickly, gives a natural-looking golden tan, and fades like a real tan. You will not have to expose yourself to hours of damaging UV rays which can cause burning, premature aging and even skin cancer. The final effect will last up to ten days as the skin slowly exfoliates off the dead skin tissue.

This section is designed to give you a few tips to help you make your airbrush tanning session stretch that little bit further – with regard to the quality of the tan you will be getting. This section unlocks the secrets to airbrush tanning – recommendations that if followed will make the world of difference to the resulting tan and the experience as a whole.

So here is our airbrush tanning Solutions:


The biggest airbrush tanning tip that we can give you is to not underestimate the importance of exfoliating your skin before your appointment. By doing this you remove the dead skin cells as well as any excess body oils that could inhibit the absorption of the applied solution. A gentle body brush or alternatively a good quality body scrub will take care of this. Most of us would do this when we are in the shower or bath – a further airbrush tanning tip is to use only a mild soap if you are going to wash yourself as the pH of your skin can have an affect on the active ingredient (DHA) in most solutions.


The general rule after exfoliating is to moisturize. We are going to ask you to ignore this rule just this once. By applying a moisturizer a couple of hours before, you will end up clogging your pores and thus minimizing the penetration of the tanning solution into you skin. Hands, feet, knees, and elbows are the exception as these areas have a tendency to allow greater penetration of the tanning solution due to the epidermis being thicker in these areas.


Airbrush Tanning Solution number 3 is to remove all traces of make up before your session. Like a moisturizer, make up clogs the pores (to an even greater extent) and reduces the absorption of the tanning solution.


Sunless tanning solutions will cling to any body hair reducing the effectiveness of the tanning process by leaving an uneven tan. People are advised to shave or wax before their appointment.


Our Airbrush Tanning Solution number six is to pin up you hair, which will allow for a more even application and prevent any staining that could be caused by hair hanging on the face. Those with blonde/grey/bleached hair might do well to use vaseline just above and around their hairline to prevent staining. A bit of chapstick smeared over lighter colored eyebrows will protect them from staining.


The DHA that is found in most tanning solutions – you should be aware that this substance can stain silk, nylon and leather clothing. Our advice is to wear a dark colored swimsuit during the process made of cotton. Any clothes put on after the application should also be dark, cotton based and loosely fitted so they will not erode at your new tan. Any color that rubs off can usually be washed out in a normal wash cycle.


Try to avoid putting on closed shoes and socks as they will not only cause your feet to sweat but they will also grind down your tan as you walk and undo all the meticulous spraying you have undergone. The tip is to stick to sandals and slops!


If you want too ensure that the tanning solution has had enough time to settle into your skin, it is recommended that you avoid showering and strenuous exercise (which will cause you to sweat) for no less than 8 hours after you have been sprayed.


The last bit of advice we can offer is to now moisturize to your hearts content! Continue moisturizing during sessions and this will extend the life of your airbrush tan.